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Monday, July 18, 2011

My daily escape

Baking is my escape....actually anything domestic is an escape for me. When i've had a bad day i go home and clean my house....even if it's already clean, it's something about the sound of my hoover that washes all that bad energy away. When i'm feeling inspired i bake. I remember when i was little, sunday was my favourite day of the week. Mum would help us make something, my sister and i would love to make a bag or a scrunchie or a loaf of bread...which was always so hard you could throw it against a wall and it still wouldn't break! But we were always encouraged to be creative. As we got older my sister found her niche in sewing and i found mine in baking. I am so lucky that i get to be creative everyday and have the freedom to try something new on a whim. Some of you might just think i work in a cafe and that's not really a career but i see myself as one of the luckiest people! I get to wake up everyday and do something that i love. i get to decide what muffins people will drool over, will i make some lemon tarts today? maybe some whoopie pies? the possibilities are endless and my world is filled with inspiration.....who wouldn't want that?
I've been wanting to start this blog for a while now, I want to share and learn and be excited.